The Fast And The Furious (1955)

The Fast And The Furious (1955) – Fast cars and Furious racing to Mexico!

The Fast And The Furious (1955) – A prison escapee commandeers a young woman and her hotrod in a mad dash to Mexico!  This movie has what the title promises – fast cars, furious scenes of racing (in-car camera to capture real curve-hugging action, and there’s also the fake movie background for the tamer driving scenes), a beautiful woman and a charming outlaw. I was hooked right away when we meet the main characters in a road side diner.

Roger Corman’s production of “The Fast and the Furious” from 1954 stars John Ireland and Dorothy Malone, with a large cast of supporting players like Snub Pollard and Bruno VeSota, who you may remember from a wide variety of roles including “Kojak,” “The Wild Wild World of Batwoman,” “Attack of the Giant Leeches,” and even “Leave it to Beaver.” While VeSota does fine, the low point for acting has to be the opening scenes in the restaurant anytime waitress Wilma (Iris Adrian) opens her mouth: her voice may be the most grating I have ever heard. Ireland and Malone do reasonably well with their parts, although the script is frequently implausible and extremely melodramatic.

Director: John Ireland
Starring: John Ireland, Dorothy Malone, Bruce Carlisle

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