A Sci-Fi Thriller with Luke Hemsworth – “Encounter” (2018)

A compelling movie dive into the realms of science fiction

“Encounter” (2018) is a sci-fi thriller directed by Paul Salamoff and starring Luke Hemsworth. Supported by a talented cast, Salamoff crafts a narrative that blends suspense, mystery, and existential themes. In this review, we delve into the depths of “Encounter,” exploring its storyline, performances, direction, and its impact on the sci-fi genre.

Plot Synopsis

“Encounter” follows the journey of Will Dawkins (Luke Hemsworth). He is a troubled man grappling with personal demons and an enigmatic past. As he embarks on a road trip to reconnect with his estranged son, Will’s journey takes an unexpected turn. He encounters a mysterious being with otherworldly abilities. Drawn into a web of intrigue and danger, Will must confront his own beliefs and fears. He navigates through a series of extraordinary events.

Themes and Symbolism

At its core, “Encounter” explores themes of identity, redemption, and the unknown. Through Will’s encounters with the alien entity, the film delves into existential questions. It talks about the nature of humanity and our place in the universe. The alien’s presence serves as a catalyst for Will’s personal transformation. It forces him to confront his past and reconsider his understanding of reality.

Salamoff skillfully weaves symbolism throughout the film, using imagery and metaphor to convey deeper meanings. From the desolate landscapes of the American Southwest to the ethereal glow of the alien’s presence, each element contributes to the film’s atmospheric and thought-provoking narrative.


Luke Hemsworth delivers a captivating performance as Will Dawkins. He is haunted by his past yet driven by a sense of purpose. Hemsworth brings a depth of emotion to the role. He conveys Will’s inner turmoil and gradual transformation. His chemistry with the supporting cast adds layers of complexity. Cast includes Anna Hutchison as Will’s estranged wife and Tom Atkins as a mysterious government agent. They all add to the film’s interpersonal dynamics.

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The supporting cast also shines in their respective roles. Each actor brings the depth and authenticity to their characters. Hutchison’s portrayal of Will’s conflicted wife adds emotional resonance to the narrative. Atkins infuses his character with a sense of gravitas and mystery.

Direction and Cinematography

Paul Salamoff demonstrates a keen eye for visual storytelling in “Encounter,” using striking cinematography to enhance the film’s atmospheric tension. From sweeping desert landscapes to intimate character moments, Salamoff employs a variety of techniques to create a sense of immersion and suspense.

The film’s pacing is deliberate yet effective, allowing the tension to build gradually as the story unfolds. Salamoff’s direction maintains a sense of ambiguity and intrigue throughout, keeping the audience engaged and guessing until the final moments.


“Encounter” (2018) is a thought-provoking and atmospheric sci-fi thriller that transcends genre conventions. With Luke Hemsworth delivering a compelling performance and Paul Salamoff’s deft direction, the film offers a captivating exploration of identity, redemption, and the mysteries of the universe. Whether you’re a fan of sci-fi or simply enjoy thought-provoking cinema, “Encounter” is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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