Wonder Women (1973)

Women kidnap athletes and use them for making older men more active!

Plot: Dr. Tsu is a brilliant surgeon with her own exotic island off the coast of Manila. Using her sexy, all-girl army of martial-arts experts, Tsu kidnaps some of the world’s greatest athletes. She is able to transplant any body part, so she uses the athletes for spare parts to sell to the world’s richest men. Mike Harber is a womanizing, wise-cracking insurance investigator for Lloyd’s of London sent to Manila to investigate the disappearance of a jai-alai player, and becomes involved with Dr. Tsu’s mad mission.

Immensely fun 70’s drive-in movie blast

WONDER WOMEN kicks off with the MPAA sticker announcing that the picture is rated PG. From here we get a scene of some topless women swimming and throughout the 82-minute running time we are greeted with more nudity as well as some sleazy violence.

Directed by Robert O’Neil
Starring Nancy Kwan, Ross Hagen, Maria De Aragon
Country: Philippines, USA
Budget: $110,000

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