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This is one of those faceless, anonymous ninja movies that probably only I've ever seen. A quarter of this is very thin people waterskiing and riding boats. Another quarter is thin people dancing around in a really lame Japanese disco. The rest of this movie is some really dumb ninja fighting, if you can call it that. If we are to believe this movie, ninjas attacked their enemies head on, shouting a huge battle cry and charging them like barbarians, only to be instantly killed by one hit. I think there are also some fascist themes in this movie since the head ninja has a swastika (?) on his head. Dont waste your time on this...rent a Sho Kosugi movie instead.

Director: Godfrey Ho (as Bruce Lambert)
Writer: Godfrey Ho (as Jerry Sawyer)
Stars: Tom Berlin, Hubert Hays, Mick Murray
Production Co: Filmark International Ltd.