Starship (1984)

Published on January 24, 2019


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Just like in StarWars, Compu-Kids fighting against a Robot-Army!

Things are not going well on the mining planet Ordessa: the conditions are awful, the workers are disgruntled and the management is cracking down by using killer security robots. Only the underground resistence movement, led by Lorca, has a chance of turning around the brutal regime, but the management has hired Danny the bounty hunter to track him and his followers down. Will any of them stand a chance against the brutal hunter and his robot assistants?

The music goes on to copy, blatantly, the same motifs as Last Starfighter - and blatantly rips most of Luke's battles in Tattooine from the first movie. The villain even looks like Darth Vader! Gah, originality must be pretty hard to find, is it? Jesus Christ on a stick.

Director: Roger Christian
Writers: Roger Christian, Matthew Jacobs
Stars: Adam Cockburn, Tyler Coppin, Ralph Cotterill