Angelfist (1993)

Female martial arts action flick

An assassination in the Philippines is caught on film by kickboxer Christy, which leads to her death at the hands of radicals intent on disrupting peace talks. Her sister Kat, a Los Angeles police officer, comes to Manila to try and bring justice to the people responsible. She enters the kickboxing tournament in order to get closer to the nefarious agents, and begins unravelling the twisted plan while narrowly evading the wrath of the Death Brigades.

Perhaps the greatest movie of all time. Okay, I’m lying. The acting is bad. The sound is dubbed poorly. And, I’ve seen better fight choreography on the Batman television series. All that having been said, I have to admit, when it comes to breasts and martial arts, this movies has them both. masercot

Directed by: Cirio H. Santiago
Starring: Archi Adamos, Catya Sassoon, Ronald Asinas

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