Blood of the Dragon (1971)


Blood of the Dragon tells a story of a White Dragon. He must get a list with the names of rebel supporters to Prince Ma Tung, the leader of the rebellion. Trying to stop him in his mission is the evil Prime Minister, who naturally wants the list in order to crush his opposition. Adding another complication is the fact that Ma Tung wants to kill White Dragon in revenge for the humiliation Tung’s father suffered in a duel against White Dragon years earlier.

Blood of the Dragon (1971) review:

White Dragon is an anti-hero in the truest form. A former fighter who only lived to wreak havoc and fight another day finds that the lifestyle he had once embraced is now hollow and only seeks to live a quiet life of wandering. When a young beggar runs afoul of Mongol warriors he steps in to save the young man and becomes embroiled in a plot of royal intrigue. I love the interplay between White Dragon and his protégé’ as he strives to teach him in all too short a time the true meaning of heroism. The burgeoning feelings he has for the innkeeper who looks out for the boy is meaningful without getting in the way of the plot or the great martial arts action. While his enemies are somewhat uninspired the sheer amount of them will keep you at the edge of your seat to see what the ultimate outcome of this battle will be.zenjiedo_68

Directed by Pao-Shu Kao
Starring Ted Henning, Yu Wang, Chiao Chiao

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