Life (2014)

Life is a battle of choices and roads to be taken. We choose our own paths, we mark our own map. Once choices have been made, actions play out. Consequences are delivered. And in the end, we live with those consequences. But, the real struggle is making the choice to change how we take the roads untaken. Are we tough enough to decide for ourselves when the time comes?

Pixelhunters ( is specializing in high quality 3D animations, visual effects, post-production services and video games. We work on game and movie trailers, corporate videos, architectural visualizations. Pixelhunters has more than 40 international awards for the quality of its productions and works for clients from Australia to the USA. Iliya Atanasov, since his early years has had a single passion to create virtual computer art. He has grown his expertise and pursued his career exploring and dominating all the various stages of the digital production and post-production. He began with broadcast content editing and creation, and later on transferred his mature expertise to the most challenging movie and TVC visual effects production and 3D animation, creating and publishing award winning international productions. His work has garnered many personal awards and has been featured in recognized CG publications, such as Expose, 3D World Magazine and others.

Directed by Iliya Atanasov

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