Exes (2015)

Exes (2015) – Awkwardness of Past Realtionships

Exes (2015) – There is nothing on this earth more awkward than running into an ex. There’s no way to avoid the dreaded ex run-in. Sooner or later, we’re all going to have to confront the person who shattered our heart into a million pieces. Whether it ended amicably or things were a little strained, those first few occasions when you bump into an ex-partner are enough to strike fear into your heart and turn you from a confident and cool woman into a bumbling mess.

Written & produced by Alison G Vingiano, known for her work on 42 Seconds of Happiness (2012), Him (2014) and Adventures of Angelfire (2014).Exes (2014) is directed by T.J. Misny is a hilarious take on the truth behind that polite small talk.

Directed by T.J. Misny
Starring: Ali Vingiano, Griffin Newman, Zach Goldbaum

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