Grape Soda (2014)

Grape Soda (2014) – Honest Drama of a man who drifts into a deep depression!

Grape Soda (2014) – His daughter passed away from cancer and he wasn’t there thats why his wife slept with another man because the death of their daughter made them become distant from one another. Instead of him and her talking about it and being their for each other he drifted away into a deep depression.

I’m lost for words! I hope you don’t mind me blowing your inbox up soon. This is amazing true ART! Excellent work. Your use of inference is spectacular, by putting the right things in the right places you never even have to show the real thing, aka the affair. Great work! Everything about this piece is beautiful. Great job! Such an honest film! Excellent work! Not only are the visuals beautiful, but so is the story. I often see shorts that are left unresolved. It seems to be the “artsy” thing to do, but this is a short with a complete story. I like how you used subtle things like the lunch box to foreshadow the daughter’s death. As mentioned above I like the way you showed the affair without being graphic. I think it’s far more emotional that way. You and Leonardo dicaprio are the definitions of underrated. Fantastic work.

Directed by Justin Robinson.
Starring: Mark Ashworth, Rachel Hendrix, Cranston Johnson

Stream Safety (2019)

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