Star Trek: Horizon (2016)

A fan-made film with the heart of the Star Trek franchise!

In a time prior to the United Federation of Planets, a young coalition of worlds led by Earth battle the Romulan Star Empire for their very survival.

I am so amazed at all the work that goes into making a fan film. This is one of the best I’ve seen. This film was made to tie up some loose ends caused by the cancellation of Enterprise. It was very well done and made to look very professional. The special effects and story line complemented each other and it seemed like most of the characters played off each other very nicely. Some people seem to go above and beyond to critique the acting, story, cgi, etc… for those of you who do, why bother watching at all? Me, I am happy to no end that people give their time, talent and money to put together a quality film that could have actually been made into an episode.

Directed by Tommy Kraft
Writers: Tommy Kraft, Gene Roddenberry
Stars: Paul Lang, Marc Bowers, Ryan Webber

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