Trial (2016)


Trial is a science fiction short film that deals with the mind swap that has terrifying consequences. It is told through a perspective of a quadriplegic soldier who gets a nifty new mind transfer procedure that helps him rehabilitate.

Trial (2016) Review:

“Our biologically engineered hosts are created from the ground up…” If you’re looking for something to make you think, stop and watch this. There’s an impressive new sci-fi short film out called Trial made by The Brothers Lynch, the same guys behind Dual and Old Habits. Starring Tom Cullen, Ana Ularu and Joseph Mawle. This short movie is a teaser or proof of concept for a full feature called Residual that will be the Brothers Lynchs’ directorial debut, and it’s currently securing financing.

Cast and crew:

Written and directed by the Brothers Lynch
Starring Tom Cullen, Ana Ularu and Joseph Mawle.

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